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shinobi_gakuen's Journal

A canon Naruto RP
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This is a relatively free-for-all RP taking place seven years after the beginning of the Naruto series. This makes the characters approximately 19-20 years old.

After Sasuke's meeting with Sai, Yamato and Naruto, instead of going back to Orochimaru, he was dragged back by the new Team Kakashi and forced to rejoin Konoha. After breaking him down over numerous months, he finally conceded and told them everything he knew about Orochimaru.

Knowing this would be the case, Orochimaru withdrew for a few years to regroup and change positions. Konoha instead went after Akatsuki, and managed to find their stronghold and destroy it. Some of the Akatsuki members are believed to be dead, but no bodies have been found.

After being forced into a corner by Konoha, Akatsuki and Orochimaru have, for the moment, decided to work together, and while there are in-group difficulties, the two factions are wrecking havoc on other ninja villages, and have in fact managed to conquer Kumo (Cloud). Rogue ninjas that managed to escape the bloodshed are fleeing to Konoha and Suna, knowing that they would be the last two villages attacked (due to strength, and the power of the two sannin).

This RP takes place on LJ and AIM, and will move to IRC eventually.


1. Basic RP rules apply. No godmoding or powerplaying. Though you are allowed free reign over where your character is currently, making them a superpowered Kage that founded their own ninja clan is entirely unacceptable. Be reasonable.

2. Post at least once a week, unless mods are notified. Journal entries are supposed to be first person format. All AIM/chat messenger RPs should be in third person.

3. Please be online on a regular basis, and post your first entry within three days after being accepted to the game. I do not expect anyone to throw their lives away to the game, but it takes a certain amount of active play to keep a game going.

4. PLEASE. STAY. IN. CHARACTER. This is incredibly important. If you MUST do a crack pairing, it must be so well developed that no one would question it happening.

5. Keep your OOC drama to yourself. It will not be tolerated here. You get two chances, then you're gone.

6. I am the mod, and therefore obligated to respond to any complaints my players may be making. Please do not be offended if I ask why your character did something. It is my job to ask.

7. Proper grammar and spelling are a must. Proofread if you have to.

8. No. Your character is not suddenly going to become a jinchuuriki. Know why? Because that is you trying to be a Sue. With your canon character. Yes, I believe in canon sues. They should be burned at the stake.

9. Be respectful, and have fun!

10. Journals that do not belong to the RP will not be added. Please do not ask to be added with your personal journal. It just makes things easier for me.

11. You MUST have the ability to form and maintain your own plots. No plots will be handed to you on a silver platter. If you don't know how to think for yourself and create plots, do not join.

Applying for a character:

Just fill out the application below with as much detail as possible. The more detail, the more likely you'll be accepted. You MUST be accepted before you join (some people just don't get this rule). Please send all applications to artforthou@yahoo.com.

Player Info
RP experience:
Naruto experience:
Email address:

Character Info
Desired Character:
Character Past:
Character's Main Jutsus:
Where are they now?
Sample journal entry: (first person view)

I will accept a small number of OCs to be the rogue ninjas from Kumo. Five, to be exact. They must submit the above application in no less than 1000 words, and include a small explanation of what their OC will contribute to the game.

Open and Taken Character list:
Bolded Characters are Taken

Uzumaki Naruto
Uchiha Sasuke
Haruno Sakura
Hatake Kakashi

Akimichi Chouji
Nara Shikamaru
Yamanaka Ino
Sarutobi Asuma

Hyuuga Hinata
Aburame Shino
Inuzuka Kiba
Yuuhi Kurenai

Rock Lee
Hyuuga Neji
Maito Gai

Tsunade - NPC

Umino Iruka
Yakushi Kabuto


Uchiha Itachi

Basically, anyone who is still alive is open for play.